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We encourage you to write your copout story as long as you can. The longer the better. Include every single detail you can remember. Leave no stone unturned. Pull out ALL the stops. Write your story as good as you possibly can. There is no limit to time or space. Take your time. We never rush or pressure anyone to finish their story. Quite the opposite. Our philosophy is to always let the writer work at his/her own pace.  We want the very best account of your escape that you can possibly give us. We can`t emphasize this enough.

Here are 5 suggestions for when you start writing your copout story. Look at this as a suggested outline of how to write your copout story. You don`t have to be strictly bound to it if you don`t want to. Take only what you need.  If you want to use all of these suggestions that`s great. If you only wish to use some of these suggestions that`s cool to.  We hope this helps you write your copout story. 

 1.Take some time to write about your life before you ended up at Straight.

 2. Write about your very last week at Straight before you escaped.
3. Write about everything that happened during your copout.  Where exactly did you escape from?   Hosthome?  Home? School?  Work?  Straight?   What things did you do during your copout?  What people did you see?   Did you party?  Where did you sleep?   Who did you talk with on the phone and what did you talk about?
4. If you returned back to Straight after copping out then write about how exactly you returned back there.   Did you get captured by the Police or by Straight Parents or by someone else?  Write about your re-intake.  Write about your first week back at Straight and how you were treated by the staff and group and your brand new oldcomer/foster family.
5. If you never came back to Straight after copping out then write about your first months of freedom and what that was like readjusting to the Real World.

Please keep in mind that it`s also a good thing to write in depth about your months at Straight before escaping because they provide a diamond mine of vital information about Straight as well as proper narrative. Plus writing about your months immediately after leaving Straight for good are equally important because they clearly show the hangovers and aftershocks leftover from Straight plus the challenges of readjusting to the Real World. Unfortunately far to many people overlook these two critical time frames.

 As we all know to well, the freak show known as “Straight Incorporated” was always a neverending, emotional roller coaster 24 hours a day,365 days a year, so it`s quite common,normal and understandable that when writing about your experiences during and after your time at Straight for it to bring up all kinds of countless, raw emotions and thoughts. So please keep this in mind as you are doing your writings. Keep writing aka typing no matter what you are thinking and feeling.
If you copped out multiple times from Straight, we want to post and document every single copout story of yours (if you will let us.)  All we ask is that you write one copout story at a time. It`s always better that the writer concentrates and focuses only on writing one copout story at a time. Plus we will be posting each escape story separately on our website.
We also post stories of “copout attempts.”  In other words, if you ever tried to escape from Straight but you were unsuccessful, we still want to post your story anyway. So feel free to send us any and all stories of your “copout attempts.”
If you ever “witnessed” someone successfully copping out from Straight or if you ever “witnessed” someone unsuccessfully attempting to copout from Straight please feel free to write and submit your stories to us and we will post them.
If you want to submit your copout stories to us but you want to remain anonymous just let us know when you submit your story. We promise to respect your privacy 100% by posting your story but we won`t post your name on our website.
When you submit your story to us please include the city and state of the Straight location you were in. Also include the month and year you first entered Straight plus the month and year that you left for good.

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